Evil Genius EP

by Strange Changes

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released November 1, 2010

Written by Tom Dowd (c) 2009, engineered, recorded and mixed by Brad Will and Geoff Nielsen. Tom Dowd - vox/guitars, Ryan Dragonn - Trombone, Tiziano Bianchi - Trumpet, Alec Pombriant - alto sax, Sam Owens - tenor sax, Greg Albert - bass, Devin Collins - drums.



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Strange Changes Boston, Massachusetts

Strange Changes is an eclectic eight piece rock band comprised of musicians from the Boston music scene. Residing in Allston, they mix elements of American popular music with classical, jazz, metal, and more, in the tradition of the great American pop composers Frank Zappa and Charles Mingus. ... more

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Track Name: Absence of Time
Here I lie, abandoned by those dear to me
Searching for signs in a hand that I can’t really read
One day I awoke, but my eyes stayed asleep
One day I got up, but my legs failed me
I can’t help but remember that
I once walked and I once saw
Something’s stopping me from
Seeing what I’ll become
I wait almost breathless
To find out what death is
Death is

So I look forward to the absence of time
The walls in my mind
Come crashing down
The question remains, what will they leave behind?
Terms redefined
Dismantle our

Four legs, two ears, a tail and three eyes
They say he’s been resurrected almost his nine times
Oscar tell me
What will I be?
What’s this feeling deep inside?
The light starts to bend now…
Time spills from the ends now
Cold but I don’t shiver
Drifting down the river

So I look forward to the absence of time
No, look behind
You’re not making
Senses are flawed, don’t rely on them now
…now. But then how…
“How” implies
The tension binds me, builds the walls in my mind
…mind. Then undermine
A moment of
Rest when you see into the cyclic design
…sign. We’re all inscribed
Inside our Inside our
History History
Track Name: Awe-Full
If you untie the knots as they form in your heart
you'll begin to feel like you did at the start
when no one was sure just quite how it would end
and you hadn't so many beliefs to defend
or truths to bend

the pain it comes and goes, but the love just grows and grows
from my head down to my toes, i know that everything's alright

sometimes i wake up in an alien land
the skies there are grey and the colors are bland
but deep down i know that at my life's end
my doing wish, to do it again
it all again
Track Name: Evil Genius
he’s got a mind of metal
eyes glazed hazel
he’d steal an orphan’s soup with a silver ladel

his hands are icy
his plans are dicey
and he’s got his own idea of what he calls paradise, he

wants a world where he’s the
sole world leader
he’ll make it to the top though he was once a bottom feeder

and you can tell his record
ain’t the cleanest
because his business card reads “evil genius”

he flew into space and built a laser on the moon
made an underwater base and hired henchmen with harpoons
I heard his latest scheme involves anthrax and air balloons
He’s going to kill us all if we don’t do something soon

He’s an evil genius
He’s an evil genius
He’s an evil genius
And he’s gonna kill us all

He’s got ten assassins
With guns for blastin’
Folks when he don’t like the questions they’ve been asking

He’s got thirty three spies
With robot eyes
The person standing next to you might be one in disguise

He keeps his favorite time machine
Next to a wall of TV screens
To keep an eye on places where he’s been

He’s one of the smartest
He’s one of the meanest
And his business card reads “evil genius”

He’s an evil genius
He’s an evil genius
He’s an evil genius
And he’s gonna kill us all

People will tell you I’m mean
I think they’re just jealous of my schemes
Maybe it’s just in my genes to dream
Of war machines
And laser beams

All you motherfuckers, man woman boy and girl
You’ll be green with envy when my plan is unfurled
Cause everybody wants to rule the world